Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kitchen Update

I have been remiss in getting out an update on the kitchen.    It is 95% done.

The drawer fronts for one of the banks of drawers were ordered incorrectly.   They had to be re-ordered.   I didn't like the way the crown was installed, so that also had to be re-ordered.   During the install I decided to have drawers installed behind a set of doors rather than the standard shelves.   Those had to be ordered.   I loved the finished panels on the end units and wanted some added to the sink area.   Those had to be ordered.   Then the factory closed down for summer break.   All things that have meant the kitchen is not yet finished.

But here are some pictures on how far we are at the moment:

Almost done.   I am loving it.   Extending the counter top to create a desk area  both simplifies the area and provides tons of extra counterspace.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kitchen Update - Cabinets and Countertop going in

The kitchen is coming along amazingly fast.    The floor was finished last week.   I had the appliances delivered on Saturday.   Monday the team returned and started installing the cabinets.

I am having about half the kitchen re-faced and half is new cabinets.  The wall with the sink is unchanged except for some internal drawers and a new sink and faucet.   The wall with the stove is almost new.   A new cabinet above the stove to accommodate a microwave.   A new 27" upper beside the stove and a 27"  3 drawer until below.  There used to be only an 8" piece of counter by the stove, but I've had the counter extended over the new drawer unit to create a desk area with an additional drawer/cabinet unit to anchor the end.   I will get about about 8 feet of additional counter!!!

Sink side of the kitchen.
Showing the subway tile installed - not grouted yet
 Showing the new run of counter past the stove 
 New end panels .... love the details
 New 27" upper cupboard.  There will be a 3 drawer unit below.
The installer said this part goes quickly and you see a huge transformation.   Then it doesn't look like much is happening but all the details go in :  crown and light trim; grouting of the tiles; electrical work; hook up of appliances  and installation of pennant light in desk area; sink and faucet; aligning of doors, adding knobs and handles; baseboard .... and a million other details.

Extremely happy so far :)   

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kitchen Tile is being Laid

After demo the whole house is covered in a very fine layer of dust.  At least they have moved on to laying the tile.   A less messy project.

The installer plans to be done tonight, and will grout tomorrow.  Excellent!  I need a solid floor because the new appliances are being delivered on Saturday.

The tiles are slightly cream, with a matte finish and a subtle stone like pattern you can't see in the pictures.   It is going to be a very bright room once the white cabinets are installed.  Love!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Demo has started on the Kitchen

Work on the kitchen has started.

They have the top layer of tiles off, now to the second layer.  Who puts tiles over tiles???
It will take all the rest of the week to do the floor, but it should be laid and grouted by end of day Friday.

Perfect, as the appliances are being delivered on Saturday!! yeah! 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Kitchen Plans

I have met with so many contractors, my niece thinks it is my new retirement hobby!!
But, I have finally settled on and ordered my new kitchen.   My dream white kitchen.

Here are some of my selections.

My doors ... white shaker with a trim piece on the inside edge.

My countertops:
Backsplash:  4 x 12 subway tiles
and my faucet:
More details to come wtih some pictures of the existing kitchen awaiting a transformation :)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Old Family Photos - Gallery Wall

My Mother passed away in February.  She had a very full life in her 91 1/2 years and we have been left with wonderful memories.

When my brothers and I cleaned out her apartment, I became the custodian of boxes of photos.  I sorted thru them, making piles for my brothers and discarding many that I didn't know who the people were.   My favourites are all the old family photos, so I decided to do a gallery wall.
Before my Mother married, she was a teacher in a one room school house in rural Ontario.  I love the photos of her classes.   I think they would be from around 1945-49.  I love looking at the clothes the children wore and the serious little faces while they are being photographed.
To my surprise, a lady who was one of the children my Mother had taught, came to the funeral.  She brought me a copy of her class photo.   My Mother is the teacher on the left of the photo.
I put other photos up too .... my maternal Grandparents wedding photo.

A photo of my paternal Great Grandparents, showing my Grandfather home on leave from the war in 1918 and his sister, my Great Aunt Ethleen, when she was a girl.
The  dish you see in the middle of the layout was my Mother's baby dish.  It has kittens in the middle and all around the rim.
Lovely family memories.
I have a feeling this wall will expand over time.